About the Artist
Karin & Tom Miller pictured at Scherer
Gardens in Eagen, Minnesota, where
they were married.
Thomas E. Miller, grew up in south
central Minnesota, brings his love
of nature and wildlife to canvas.  
"I'm essentially a self-taught artist,
having no formal education in Art.  
I've studied different techniques
and have continued to develop my
God-given talent.  I also do most of
my own photography for reference,
researching my subjects  
extensively for each painting."
"I consider myself a naturalist and conservationist.  Being an outdoorsman I
spend as much time outside as I can.  Whether it be fishing hunting or hiking".

"Making something come alive on canvas gives me great joy".  When someone
says, "your roses look so real you can almost smell them," or "your pheasants
look like they're going to come right off the canvas",  it makes it all worthwhile
and this is also the greatest compliment to me as an artist.

Having been diagnosed, with Multiple Sclerosis in September, 1997, has given
me a different outlook toward my work and life.  M.S. limits the number of
originals I produce each year.  This is challenging to say the least, but I'm also a
good example of what people with M.S. can accomplish.  

Tom has entered his work in wildlife art competitions.  His first entry in the
1999 Federal Duck Stamp Contest placed 13th out of 243 entries.

In the spring of 2002, Tom placed 4th in the MN Turkey Stamp Contest and
3rd in the MN Duck Stamp Contest.  In the Federal Duck Stamp Contest Tom
placed 13th for the second time, and was 13th for the 3rd time in 2003.

In 2005, Tom placed 9th for his best finish in the Federal Duck Stamp Contest,  
tying with 4 previous winners.  

In 2012 Tom again made the finals of the Federal Duck Stamp Competition.  
Placing 8th for his best finish yet.

"When someone hangs a piece of my art in their home or business I feel it's a
great honor, because I try my best to paint from my heart".

Tom's work can be found in collections all over the United States and many
other Countries.

                         Thomas E. Miller

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